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About "FIL" Ltd

Our company based in Riga, Latvia, is a leading producer, retail and wholesale supplier of product made of ductile iron. We provide unsurpassed quality products for water discharge and drainage systems, as well as materials for all kind of drainage systems. 

Our company has a rich experience in producing ductile iron and plastic manhole covers, gratings, steps and below-ground high-quality systems which include underground drains, plastic pipes and other elements for water distribution under the ground. Either of these items is possible to install on the green zones (type A), roads (type C or D) and even airports (type E). Besides manhole covers, company also provides additional manhole cover installation materials such as concrete rings, gaskets for noise isolation, steps and tools for manhole cover fixation. All products are certificated by European certification body. 

Since 1990 the company works collaboratively with small and large companies and projects in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Belerus, Ukraine, as well as other EU and CIS countries, offering the best personalized customer services, as we believe, it is a forefront of the success today.

Now we are searching for new success-oriented business partners worldwide to build long-term relationships in order to take our businesses to the next level. If you are interested in our products, we are always ready for your questions and proposals. 

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